Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cowboys and Lawmen

Welcome to the Cowboys and Lawmen Blog Hop!

Fifty-plus authors have come together to share what we love about Cowboys and Lawmen. In my case, I adore Texas Rangers—especially the ones who rode the Texas trails in the nineteenth century. Tough men who were dedicated to justice and our rugged country/state, they could be just as true to the women they loved, and that can make for exciting romantic tales.

The Rangers are the oldest law enforcement group in Texas, first established (unofficially) in 1823, then officially in 1835. They were tasked with protecting the citizens of Texas, and they had reputations for being rough and rugged men. But in the middle of the nineteenth century, Ranger Captain John "Rip" Ford described the Texas Rangers as”…a company of sober and brave men. They knew their duty and they did it.” They knew when to use their toughness but they were noble men, too.


That’s the description of Texas Ranger John “Gray” Grayling in my western romance The Abduction of Miss Jenny Chandler. In the story, Jenny Chandler enjoys a life with no more pressing problem than what to wear to the next cotillion, and she’s content to remain “Daddy’s little girl”. But physical yearnings arise when she meets Ranger John Grayling, and she realizes that growing up might not be so bad. Unfortunately Gray has recently been hurt by love, and he’s sworn off women, vowing to devote himself to his job. But when Jenny is kidnapped by bandits and Gray is captured trying to rescue her, the young woman’s spirit and sensuality test his vow.
The bandit leader recognizes Gray as valuable barter to convince a renegade Comanche chief—whose son Gray killed—to help hijack an Army gold ship. Knowing that death awaits him if he remains in the bandit’s grasp, Gray is torn between escaping with Jenny and staying to learn more of the bandit’s plan.

Gray falls for Jenny, but can he trust her when every other woman in his life has failed him? Jenny loves Gray, but can she break through the barrier around his heart? Can passion’s fire ignite lasting love before evil plays its smoldering hand?

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